The spoils of war...

Comments: Yay! Guilty Gear! Great character design, wacky personalities, excellent animation...what's not to love? Needless to say, I was very excited to see that this month's character was from GG. Many a night my bf and I spent in front of the ps2- he plays as Sol, I play as Ky. He usually kicks my arse (except for when I play as Ex gold Ky...MUWHAHAHA!! Bring on the cheese!) Anyway... I think everyone out there who plays this game knows that there's something going on between Ky and Sol that's more than just fighting...come on! It's obvious- just look at what they say during their winning speeches! So, the content and the title kinda reflect that I the only one who thinks this? Hmmm....The pic took me about 3 hours total- drew it, inked it, scanned it, colored it with photoshop7. Special thanks to chris for showing me a neat trick in photoshop...:) and inspiration goes to the original 'midnight run' poster. Comments welcome. Oh yeah, Jam's crying because she has a crush on Ky...but it looks like she was too late...;P

- Y.M.Esposito


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