Sofia October 2002

homepage emailno title by Jason Pyke

Comments: This is my first time submitting to MVGC. I'm excited to have found this site and I hope to become a regular. I did this is 6-10 hours. Pencil and Photoshop 6. Please email me with any comments. Thank you.

emailhomepage Regular participant Sofia in training by Myron Love

Comments: I think this one came out okay. Sofia isn't one of my favorite characters, but I figured it would be pretty decent practice to work on her. I wish I was better at backgrounds! I wanted to draw her in a woodland setting, but my efforts pretty much tanked. I wanted the background to fade, and make her pop out a little. I think it looks a lot better on my computer than it does online!
It took me about 2 hours to draw the orignal pic, and about 2 good days to CG.

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Sofia, Sophia...what's the difference? by clarion

Comments: I had never even heard of this character before doing this pic and didn't even realize I had spelled her name wrong until about 5 minutes ago. -_- My first full CG submission since Crono, I was pretty pleased with this one. Done completely in Corel PhotoPaint 8 except for the initial sketch which was done in oekaki, and I estimate I spent about 12 hours total working on it.

emailhomepage Sofia by SabZero

Comments: I made this picture using a soft mechanical pencil (2B) and a graphite stick (8B) to shade. Some adjustments and the frame were made with Photoshop.
I like the subject because she's a very selfconfident woman ;) Well, I'm kind of short on words, so just enjoy.

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content This entry contains content of an adult nature Why cant I remember by G.i.A.m. aka Artus Malech

Comments: I liked the the Idea, That Sofia plays the hard domina just to cover her suffering. Tried to bring this into the picture.

The coloring is'nt that stellar, I know. But I guess it is ok for a last day work.

emailhomepage Regular participant call me queen! by y.m. esposito

Comments: i banged this out (banged out? does that make sense?) in,like, 10 minutes...but it took me an hour to scan cause my scanner's all wonky. it's kinda plain...oh well. simple is better, right? all i used was a papermate marker and some crappy pentel 'color pens'. when you're a starving artist, you gotta make due with what ya got.

email homepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Swap! Sofia dons a police uniform! by Force Vector (nom de mouse)

Comments: Don't you just hate it when you finally get a subject you've been itching to draw and just as pencil touches paper your mind goes blank. That's what happened with this month's submission. God knows how I wanted to draw Sophia and even though I already had a layout in mind (which was based on something that Tsukasa Kotobuki - the designer of the Toshinden characters - had done) I decided to try to think of something more original. Weeks passed and nothing came to mind. With the deadline looming I had to use the Kotobuki-inspired layout or don't submit anything.

When Toshinden 2 had first come out, Kotobuki had made an image wherein Ellis and Sophia had exchange costumes - I believe everybody around here knows what I'm referring to. With that in mind, I had Sophia swap with Tracy - the other playable female character in the game. I also tried to stay faithful to Kotobuki's style - especially the impossbly long legs. I'll leave it to your imagination on why Sophia has that expression on her face as she examines a tonfa and why Tracy is reacting in such a manner.

Standard HB pencil on any ol' bond paper. Inked with a .3 tech pen. This took around a day to do. Because I had waited too long, I couldn't color the image, so I decided to make the lines cleaner - this took around 11 hours using PhotoShop. The last thing I did was to Gaussian Blur Tracy so that it was obvious who the focus is.


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