Swap! Sofia dons a police uniform!

Comments: Don't you just hate it when you finally get a subject you've been itching to draw and just as pencil touches paper your mind goes blank. That's what happened with this month's submission. God knows how I wanted to draw Sophia and even though I already had a layout in mind (which was based on something that Tsukasa Kotobuki - the designer of the Toshinden characters - had done) I decided to try to think of something more original. Weeks passed and nothing came to mind. With the deadline looming I had to use the Kotobuki-inspired layout or don't submit anything.

When Toshinden 2 had first come out, Kotobuki had made an image wherein Ellis and Sophia had exchange costumes - I believe everybody around here knows what I'm referring to. With that in mind, I had Sophia swap with Tracy - the other playable female character in the game. I also tried to stay faithful to Kotobuki's style - especially the impossbly long legs. I'll leave it to your imagination on why Sophia has that expression on her face as she examines a tonfa and why Tracy is reacting in such a manner.

Standard HB pencil on any ol' bond paper. Inked with a .3 tech pen. This took around a day to do. Because I had waited too long, I couldn't color the image, so I decided to make the lines cleaner - this took around 11 hours using PhotoShop. The last thing I did was to Gaussian Blur Tracy so that it was obvious who the focus is.

- Force Vector


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