Mitsurugi January 2001

emailhomepageMitsurugi by Cheryl Austin

Comments: Well the first thing I do is draw them on paper, then I scan them in and clean it up a little in Adobe Photoshop, if needed, then I do the coloring in Painter! it does;nt take me too long to do one if I don't get distracted, ( like playing video games. ) I do a couple of roughs then fine tune it and this process can be done in a couple of hours, then the coloring process takes about 3 to 4 hours! I'm estimating! I'll keep track next time! I'm curious myself! I'm actually working on some Dynasty Warriors 2 characters now! and my website!

emailhomepageAfter the duel by Yorozu

Comments: : It is sight of after the duel. Mitsurugi cures his injury himself. He remembering the duel and he thought about soul edge. I draw it by pencil and Photo shop 5.5. I challenged no outline picture for the first time. I like no outline picture. But it is very difficulty because I don't have Tablet. I draw it mouse only. I use a lots of time to draw it. About 3 hours.

">emailhomepageLone Samurai by Ben Krefta

Comments: Well I think Mitsurugi's a really cool character so I wanted to do my own piece of fanart for him. I'm generally pleased with this piece, though there are a lot of things wrong. Luckly the colouring helps it look good ^_^ This was an A3 pencil sketch scanned in and coloured with PhotoShop 5.5. I tried to make it look like and anime cel and I think the lighting gives it a good, warm atmosphere.

emailhomepageMitsurugi SD by Krafty

Comments: Mitsurugi is my favourite chara from Soul Edge, he reminds me of Toshiro Mifune's samurai characters from Kurosawa's 1950's Jidai geki. His mannerisms and speech are exactly the same ^__^

emailhomepageSoul Calibur by Micheal Krahulik

Comments: ...

emailhomepageMitsurugi Sketch by Jeremy "MegaManZ" Forbes

Comments: Well, good old Mitsurugi is one of my favorite "Soul Caliber" characters, so I just had to do this drawing of him. It's nothing more then a colored sketch, but at least it's not a bad sketch. Any general comments would be welcome, and let's hope I can think up something for a finished picture next month.

emailhomepageSzash! by Jesterspawn

Comments: Okay, so I didn't take time to color it and some parts are obviously rushed, but hey... it was getting close to the deadline and I didn't have anything to submit. Maybe it's just because I haven't played Soul Caliber yet, but Mitsurugi just didn't really capture my interest. I'll try to have a more refined submission next month.

emailhomepage"Vengeful Memory" by Rurouni KJS

Comments: Mitsurugi learned the power of the rifle when he faced Tanageshima. The good warrior who refused the evil Soul Edge in the first game's ending died then, to be replaced by a fearsomely skilled swordsman who would stop at nothing -- nothing! -- to gain the evil sward and silence the rifle forever. Goading him on in the vengeful memory...

this is simply a pencil drawing heavily retouched in Photoshop. I've missed MVGC and Soul Calibur is officially my favorite game ever (the *only* video game I still play, in fact). So here's my piece. Long live SC and MVGC.


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