January 2001

MitsurugiThis month's character is Mitsurugi Heishiro from the fighting games 'Soul Edge/Blade' and Soul Calibur.

History: Having learnt from an early age to fend for himself after the sudden death of his parents, Mitsurugi quickly taught himself the trade of a mercenary to survive in his peasant land. He soon built a reputation for himself that went along the "don't mess with me or else" lines, but then technology started to take over and Mitsurugi found that not even his deadly blade could compete with the bullet of a gun. And so off he went in search of the mythical 'Soul Edge' blade that would teach the gun-toting hoodlums a thing or two about respect.


A small turn out for it's first month, but the quality of the entries was very high.

Artist of the month: Cheryl Austin!

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