Mai April 2001

emailhomepageReady for battle by Sanny Folkesson

Comments: I draw it with a HB led right on the paper only with an small rough sketch to go on. The problem starts with the led and I cant get any harder, it feels that I want to do more with it maybe I do some day. I didn't spend much to the pose so it turn out like this.

emailhomepageMai by David Harrigan

Comments: First of all, let me say that this web site is a great idea. I'm really glad I stumbled on to it. Okay, I had a really good time drawing this piece. I'm really new to drawing anime, so most of my stuff is not quite where I want it. Hopefully, the more I do this, the more I improve. But I was pretty satisfied with this Pic. Her stance is a little stiff, though. I wished that I had drawn her smaller so I could include her feet. It might have balenced it out a bit. The part I like the best about it is her face. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

emailhomepageMe bouncy!! by Seefer

Comments: Well, she was my first love.. jeee-- was done in photoshop 5.0, and i in love with her.. (damn andy!!), he,he...

emailhomepagemary&mai by Ron hammond

Comments: enjoy!

emailhomepage"Just Mai" by Kou Thao

Comments: I did this piece in about 25 minutes. It was my second drawing, because I didn't like my first one. But it's on my hp if you'd like to see it. Here, I just used my mechanical lead pencil and drew it free hand. No Adobe manipulations was used. Hope yall likes it. Later.

emailhomepageRyu en bu! by Cloud 9

Comments: This is my third attempt at CG'ing in photoshop. I really like the way this one came out. It took me two days to complete. This is Mai Snk Vs. Capcom style, doing her signature move. I've been wanting to do a pic of Mai for a while, so I'm glad I finally found a good excuse.

emailhomepage Sexy Mai with fan (?) by Eric Lin (nick: BoSLeY)

Comments: This work isn't neat enough because I hasten to finish it.I colour it by water colour and pencil colour.I can't colour by Photoshop because I don't have equipment to do it.I'll do work better than this work and send to join with you next time.

emailhomepageStriking Mai by Sanjay Patel

Comments: Well after getting a concept from doodling I penciled the final image. I used a mechnical pencil by the way .5 and .9. Then I inked the lines using Sakura Micron .1 and .5. I scanned the image at 150dpi cause I only have 64MB of ram to work with, but that's not that bad. I used Pixia, a free image program to color the image. I wanted to keep the original lines and not sharpen or contrast them too much, so I just used the original image with an Overlay Layer effect. I don't know exactly how long I spent on this, it was a few nights. This is my second submission to anything online.

emailhomepageMai gift for Ben by Dan York

Comments: This is a cool little pencil sketch Dan did for me recently. Thanks again! - Ben

emailhomepageKimono Mai by Khari J. Sampson

Comments: This's been in my sketch collection for a year. Never got the guts to try to color it...

">emailhomepage Mai by Ben Krefta

Comments: I had a cool idea to have her in a fight scene with my fav. Samurai Shodown chara 'Hanzo' but instead I took the easy way out and went for a portrait picture, which took about 3 hours to complete. I'll try to put in more effort for next time :)

emailhomepage "My outfit's boring!" by Rick-chan

Comments: This is a cuter more alternative version of Mai and she's wearing Blue Mary's custom cuz she thinks her outfit is a bit old. I'm also practicing for Project A-kon! Cya there!


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