April 2001

maiThis month's character is Mai Shiranui from the famous SNK fighting games 'Fatal Fury' and 'The King Of Fighters'.

History: Mai learned the secrets of Ninjitsu and is an expert in hand to hand combat and stealth, though her main ambition in life is to one day marry Andy Bogard - a strong fighter from the states. Though his main interest is to continue training and become a stronger fighter. Andy joins up with his friend and brother to enter into the King of Fighters tournament. Mai followed Andy into the tournament by teaming up with two fellow female fighters. Years later Mai's dream comes true when a new 4 person team rule comes into play in the KOF tournament so Mai immediately joins up with Andy's team to be able to fight alongside him.


More quality pics for April. And a new record of submission entries :p

Artist of the month: David Harrigan!

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