Ken July 2001

emailhomepageC'mon! bring it on! by Slade Griffins

Comments: I did this one really quickly. I can't draw hand very well i need to practice. Anyways I hope u guys like it.

emailhomepageRS_Ken by Cheryl Austin

Comments: This is a rough sketch right out of my sketchbook. I did while I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car! It was scanned and then colored in Painter, the coloring took about 45 minutes to do!

emailhomepage"Sparring Ken" by Rachel Rivera

Comments: Well, this is my first time drawing Ken (or any street fighters ^_^) It turned out okay, I don't like the background though, I should learn how to do that! Um, I used a pencil.....that's about it! Later!

emailhomepage"Dark Hado" Ken by Sylence

Comments: In Street Fighter Alpha the movie, Ken mentions that all fighters battle the Dark Hado within them. This picture is based on Ken's struggle with his inner demons......if there ever is/was such a struggle. I used a mechanical pencil and Photoshop. "You must defeat Sheng Long before you stand a chance against me." (remember that?:))

emailhomepageSuprised by Sandman

Comments: I used a standard issue pencil with some standard issue printerpaper, I later cleaned it up with PhotoShop 4.0 on a Mac, just to get the smudges and sketchlines out.

emailhomepage An old score to settle by MadPower

Comments: My favoritie charecter has all ways been Ken. This is my first time submiting to MVGC but since the this month's character is Ken Masters, I felt I had to draw something. My real name is Ken(Kenneth) so we have that an few other things in common. I never CGed pencil before but I tried it this time. I used Photoshop 5.0 to CG it.

emailhomepage Stances by Christopher O'Connell

Comments: Something I whipped up a while ago in Photoshop while I was going through a Street Fighter phase.

emailhomepageKen Masters by Ray!

Comments: ...

emailhomepageBison vs Ken by Dustin

Comments: Well, I got this one colored at least :P

emailhomepage Shinryuuken by Richard Winrick

Comments: I did this picture in a day, I sketched it out on bristol paper and then used a prismacolor black marker to outline it. Then I scanned it into Photoshop to color it and put in some other designs. The 3D Ken Masters thing was done a 3d program. I wanted to show Ken getting ready to do one of his moves and then have comic like block of the blast. Hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed making it.


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