July 2001

kenThis month's character is Ken from the most well known fighting game series ever, "Street Fighter"

History: He's Ryu's best friend and comes from the wealthy Masters family. He likes fast cars and pretty ladies, but has a girlfriend (or wife in some cases) Eliza, who is a very attractive blonde lady. He has long hair which he ties back with a ribbon (in the Alpha/Zero series) and incidentally, the ribbon became Ryu's headband. Ken eventually trains two Shotokan students and passes on his knowledge. The first is the American, Allen Snider, from Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha. The story behind Allen is he got his butt kicked by Ken and after the match Ken told him, "You're a little fish in a big pond and must battle on." After that, Allen travels with Ken. The second is a Brazilian, Sean (SF3, not Alpha). He is Ken's most recent student. Sean also appears in Marvel vs. CAPCOM where you see him is in Ryu's ending; Ken leaves Sean with Ryu to train while he takes off with Eliza.

Another really cool run of entries. I wish I had time to participate!

Artist of the month: Ray!

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