Elexis May 2002

homepageemailWhere's my gun? by BlackWidow/ Chistine

Comments: which is what I would be saying in that situation. It's my first time subbmiting anything here so ya. I looked in the past and saw I already missed Morragan & Lilith (my two faves) oh well I'll live. I like how the eyes turned out on this ^_^ well bye for now and I'll see yas next month...err sort of.

emailhomepage Regular participant Elexis by Sylence

Comments: I used a mechanical pencil, a black pen, and tons of Photoshop painting.

emailhomepage Regular participant Elexis Office by G.i.A.m.

Comments: tnx to the activ posting people of the organicmetal forum for helping me abit with this.


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