May 2002

elexisThis month's character is Elexis Sinclair from the PC favourite "Sin"

History: 31 Year old Elexis is a Bio-Geneticist, Chemist, and head of SinTEK Industries. (Note: her Tattoo on right rear buttock cheek, Tattoo around ankle, and naval ring) Born in the sumptuous suburb of Freeport to Dr. Thrall Sinclaire and Diane Kettle Sinclaire on April 12, 2006. Elexis' mother abandoned them both at the age of two to go out and "find" herself. Her father, Thrall, a university professor and research scientist for a large pharmaceutical company, raised Elexis. She attended various boarding schools until the age of six, at which time her mother returned to partake in Thrall's good fortune. Thrall gathered up all of his and Elexis' worldly possessions, liquidated all of his assets, hid his money and disappeared into the wilds of various jungles to escape from his estranged wife.

Little is known about her current genetic research. Rumor has it that she is experimenting in areas that many scientists fear to tread. SinTEK Industries is a virtual fortress, so even the local law enforcement has had no luck in getting even remotely close to speaking with Elexis about this. One can be sure that whatever Elexis is involved in, it is something that is not even close to moral.

Hehe. Another "Billy Lee Black Month" eh? Thanks again for the great entries for those that participated!

Artist of the month: BlackWidow

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