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Saturday, January 19th 2013 - 07:09PM :

Drawing more: Alien Girl, Snow Fairy, Pokemon fan

I've been making a little more effort to up my character art production levels recently. Check out my Character Art gallery page for latest Some of the artwork I do doesn't always quite fit within my main art galleries on OM- perhaps it's too rough and sketchy, a commission irrelevant to what I typically do, or perhaps doesn't necessarily showcase my abilities all that well. For these kinda works, they can go here in the blog

19/1/2013: This is Rusty's Original Character Sclera which I drew for a commission. She reminds me of an alien character from the Galaxy High cartoon! Pencil and Photoshop CS5. About 7 Hours

8/1/2013: This is a Snow / Ice / Winter Fairy design I completed as part of an Art Trade on Devianart. We agreed to just do sketchy drawings rather than polished works.

14/12/2013: This is an anime style portrait commission of the client's boyfriend. I find it's always tricky to 'animize' real people, but she was very pleased with artwork.

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