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Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 08:50PM :

Character Styles

I've been asking myself for years: "what's my style?" I wouldn't necessarily say I have a definitive style which is unique to me. This is both a strength and a weakness all in one! When working on commissions, clients often ask for certain styles of illustration, so I adapt. Plus I love to vary what I do and these faces are an example of adapting or experimenting with different styles over the last decade+

One thing that can hold me back is when clients commission artwork; unless they nominate a particular style they won't know exactly what to expect from me as my artwork evolves so much each time I draw something new.
I don't want to be confined to just manga or just western comic style or just realism, but it would be great if I could develop a solid and consistent portfolio for each of these categories when marketing my services
* Why the numbers? For easier reference.
* Most art Pencil for the line art + Photoshop for the colour
- Some have been inked traditionally, or digitally
* They're kinda in chronological order, but not totally
* I like drawing faces

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