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Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 08:28PM :

T-Shirt Designs and Youtube

I decided to convert some of my lovely doodle art into shirt designs and submit them to DesignbyHumans- a shirt design contest site.

I need votes to win and get them made up, so if you'd like to vote:

[1] Click a link below which'll take you to one of my designs
[2] Log in to DesignbyHumans.com by setting up a user name & password, or Login with your Facebook details.
[3] Click to Vote link.
[4] Add a comment and click the like (heart icon) too if you can.
[5] Repeat steps 1,3 and 4 for the remaining designs ^_^

Doodle Blue

Mechanical Doodle

Aqua Fade Mechanical Doodle

Doodle Green

I don't really expect to win. The designs that seem to get through have over 100 votes and I don't have a big enough audience to get me that far. Plus I'm not drawing skulls, animals or Samurai which seem to win votes on a consistent basis! Worth a shot though


I created my first time-lapse video showing my process using Photoshop.

Check it out in HD here:

Although since I've condensed 8 hours worth of CGing into 4 minutes, it runs pretty quick! If anyone would be interested in me producing more videos- perhaps slower time-lapse or tutorials, let me know.

Also, my portrait video can be viewed here if you've not checked it out before:

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