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Thursday, November 29th 2012 - 10:02PM :

Artwork for sale on thousands of customizable products

For those that don't know, I've set up a shop selling my artwork on various products including: posters, mouse mats, mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, skateboards, bags and loads more. Check it out ^_^

I'll probably post some of the best products on the OM blog over time also- they look pretty neat! I hope people enjoy customizing them by adding their name, initials or writing to the designs, or tweaking the image size, background colour and so on, but if not they're all good to buy as they are.

A bit of background...

I'd seen fellow internet artists putting their stuff on sites like Cafepress years ago, but never considered doing it myself until recently. I somehow managed to discover Zazzle. It seemed pretty cool by allowing members to create 100s of products from just one of their artworks/photos/designs. Since I have a back-catalogue of well over 50 artworks I decided to go through the motions of placing them onto products and listing them within my 'Organic Metal' store.

It was great fun!.. At first. The task of adding each of my designs to the various Zazzle products turned out to be more than a quick afternoon's work. It's ended up taking hundreds of hours to churn out a few thousand products housing my works! It's something I wanted to test out and see which (if any) of my artworks has the most commercial appeal and if there's potential to make money through Zazzle. But I'd advise if anyone else fancies setting up their own store, go for it, but expect to invest a lot of time and effort in it's creation. If anything, it's been a test of my patience! At least once it's all finished, there's potential to sit back and let the royalties start trickling in It's certainly not something I could make a living from but time will tell as to how profitable it'll be.

My milestones were to create 1500 products which I reached earlier this year, then 3000 which I achieved today, then 5000 which I should just about be able to squeeze out from my existing back-catalogue of artwork! After that, all my artwork will be placed on the majority of items currently available on Zazzle!

If anyone has any questions about Zazzle shop creating, let me know- I've built up a fair amount of experience from it over the last year

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