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Monday, November 26th 2012 - 09:13PM :

Social Media: I'm now on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog entry on Organic Metal! Guess what? You can now also get new Ben Krefta updates via Social Media sites...

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Although having been on Myspace and Facebook for several years, and other profile sites before FB and the like existed, I was never a huge fan of the whole social media thing. I probably cynically saw it as a giant popularity contest and an opportunity for everyone (including many who don't deserve it!) to have platform to shout about their lives to anyone who'll listen. And to be honest I liked it back in the day whereby if you wanted to put yourself on the web, you needed to make some effort, be a bit of a geek, learn some HTML and construct your platform from the ground up rather than being presented with a plethora of pre-made template sites and profile pages.

That's still all true to an extent but with the way the internet is right now, it seems to make more sense to have social media profiles where you can potentially connect with millions of people all using the same platform. People want regularly updated information quickly and easily and it's easier to get that from within a social media network than hoping to stumble upon it via Google. And to have the latest news from several/dozens/hundreds of sources/people all gathered in the same place is pretty convenient!

What I'm trying to say is, I think I'm being converted! Not massively, but I see the good side to social media now as well as the bad and would love to connect with anyone interested in following me

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