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Title: EMIEW Anime Girl
Image Size:
Date: 21:08:2013
1108 x 782 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop CS6

Earlier this year I was working at European technology convention for Hitachi producing artwork demos on their new 65" interactive display and this is a piece of promo art which never got used and was left finished until today. She's based on Hitachi's cool little EMIEW 2 robot.


Ben writes:

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Check out the FAQ in the Info section regarding tags, tubes and signatures

Sharon LaPlant writes:

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Do you allow your artwork to be used to make tags with? I belong to a group that uses artwork to create tags with, that are used like a signature. We are copyright aware and do not use any known images without the artist(s) approval. We keep a database to let members know which artist can be used and which artist cannot be used. We treat artists and their artwork with respect by posting and giving credit on an image that is legible. I, myself, love alphabets so I create a complete alpha with the upper case letter having the image and then I create a tag. Tags are used on sites such as Facebook and in Yahoo and/or Google groups.

Sharon LaPlant

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