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Title: Wacom Cintiq Girl
Image Size:
Date: 03:07:2013
1106 x 840 pixels
Materials: Pencil, Manga Studio 4 & Photoshop CS6

"Give me back my pen!"

In May I was working at the Wacom stand at the MCM comic expo in London. I created Cintiq girl especially for the event and spent most of my time there demonstrating the new Cintiq 13HD graphics tablet screen combo, which was pretty cool!

On the Friday I tried out Manga Studio 4 to digital ink her. It seemed like an ok program, but not sure I'd use it again and I couldn't figure out if there's a way to create anti-aliased lines? I then spent the weekend working on the colours in Photoshop CS6 in between chatting to customers, but still needed a day to finish after I got back.

Also wanted to see how my new laptop handles large Photoshop files. This one is about 1.5GB! (this image is 6% actual size) and it seemed fine for everything other than smudge tool.

Thanks for checking it out


Line art : Sketch

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