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Title: Multi Portrait
Image Size:
Date: 26:10:2012
1151 x 686 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop CS5

Self portrait featuring a variety of clothing sets. Partially referenced from photos, Drawn with Pencil, CGed and complied digitally. It's perhaps little vain and self indulgent, but a project I'd wanted to work on for ages whereby I'd layer a selection of my clothes to create 13 unique portraits and without needing to entirely re-draw poses each time. It was still a pretty huge project compared to others in this gallery and not sure I can do the artwork justice without it being printed at full 6 foot scale. Those that know me will recgonise most of the outfits and a few of the backdrops. Manga fans might recognise the Gantz outfit at the bottom- that one was just for fun!

6 Hours spend on research and photo shoot for reference material
20.5 Hours spend drawing on paper
43 Hours spend rendering, compiling each set and adjustments in Photoshop
13.5 Hours to figure out how to animate it into the video.

Check out the associated video here:


Jane writes:

email Date Posted: 06:11:2012 Time Posted: 11:24AM

Wow! I love these - and the video is fab too! And what's the harm in a little self-indulgence, especially if you look good
P.S: you own a lot of cool clothes! Lol!

reid writes:

email Date Posted: 28:10:2012 Time Posted: 08:58AM

This is your best potrait i have seen, wow im inspired, back to drawing. lol

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