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Title: Self Portrait in Pencil
Image Size:
Date: 09:11:2011
548 x 814 pixels
Materials: Pencil

I'd not really done any portraits like this since I was in school. My friend and I challenged each other to do some realism drawing and this is my result. It was referenced from a photo taken about a year prior. I didn't want to choose a nice, clean-cut image of me looking all cool- Yes, I have a few like that! Rather, I wanted to show a more real, genuine side to my personality, if anything highlighting a few of my flaws/quirks. I'm happy enough with it to call it finished
It took several days to finish, was originally drawn at A3 size and a few Photoshop adjustments were made after it was scanned.


Ben writes:

web site Date Posted: 05:02:2013 Time Posted: 02:12PM

Hey Tomaz, As far as I know my friend hasn't put her artwork online but she had done a very good pencil drawing considering she's only a hobbyist

reid writes:

email Date Posted: 13:10:2012 Time Posted: 07:49AM

you are my number one best dwawing inspiration.
I remember when I was in year 4 and I got one of your books...the art of drawing maga. I was at once drawn into drawing now thanks to you my art and perspective has improved I am now getting a+ marks when i was getting B so thank you ben you have changed my life.
your greatest suporter, reid. :good


Tomaz writes:

Date Posted: 05:03:2012 Time Posted: 11:08PM

Where is your friends drawing ? ^^

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