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Title: Pin-Up in Pencil
Image Size:
Date: 23:11:2010
504 x 798 pixels
Materials: Pencil

I wanted to do a more realistic image and in pencil and it turned out great. It was based on a tattoo design I'd seen recently which I felt needed improvement, so here's my 'how it perhaps could have been done' artwork See the original tattoo design here.

It's weird how I will show my work to certain people who seem mildly impressed at my typical manga and comic style character art, but as soon as they see something with a little realism in it or in a traditional media they recognise like pencil or water colour, they'll sit up and start complementing me! Don't get me wrong, it's great to receive complements, but it seems a bit wrong how my original stuff (which IMO takes more ability) isn't as favourable as work which requires less imagination and effort

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