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Title: Sosuke Yong Kim
Image Size:
Date: 24:11:2004
1134 x 658 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop 7

This is an original design based on the game "Rival Schools" for a Capcom art contest on a forum called DrawStick. The entries were great, so there was little chance of me winning, but I hope at least maybe a few people will like my design.

I wanted to create a character who can kick some butt and someone I can relate to- the Artist! This guy has a lot of frustrations in life and vents his feelings though his art and fighting (of course!)- using a variety of media to get the job done.

His stats & Story:

Sex: Male
Home life: Living with his Japanese mother. His Korean father works over seas.
Likes: Reading manga, being creative, RPGs.
Dislikes: People watching him, Girly things.
Special talents: Making things, fixing broken things.
School: Recent Transfer to Gedo HS.
Subjects good at: Art and any that make use of computers.
Subjects bad at: Japanese, Mathematics, English.
Part-time job: Draws and sells caricatures in the mall after school instead of doing homework.

Spending many hours working on his artwork and original comic book stories, Sosuke has become a real perfectionist. He takes criticism very badly- and this can provoke his violent streak! Daigo noticed his strong fighting spirit during an “art criticism incident” and asked him to join his gang. Edge is jealous of Sosuke as Edge takes great pride in his “Gedo gang patrol teams” logo designs but thinks they seem worthless compared to anything Sosuke might draw.
Although polite and friendly with fellow class mates, Sosuke spends much of his time alone to concentrate on his personal projects and goals. He doesn’t engage much in social chit-chat although he realises this is giving the girls the impression he’s not interested, despite having a secret crush on Akira. He regrets his attitude most when he sees her helping Gan with homework instead of him!
As with other artists, Sosuke has a keen eye for detail and can quickly pick up and mimic movies he has seen performed by others. He is able to launch projectile attacks in the form of various artistic media which he keeps in his pockets and school bag.

I never got around to colouring these character images for the contest, but I'm glad I finally got around to completing these designs for my own personal satisfaction ^_^

Sosuke was also entered into the IMAF contest and his character select pose was featured in the London 'Evening Standard' newpaper under the IMAF event listings


Line art : Sketch : Pencil Wallpaper : 800x600 : 1024x768 : 1600x1200


Tom writes:

email Date Posted: 21:05:2009 Time Posted: 08:28PM

WOW love the detail on the dragon on his back!!!

Kamil from poland writes:

email web site Date Posted: 03:05:2008 Time Posted: 02:34PM

SUPER!!! I read your book ( sztuka rysowania manga). you are super ben!!!!

Phenix Ryte writes:

Date Posted: 02:12:2007 Time Posted: 12:25AM

I do like something about this though. Me and him, we have a lot in common. hair color, eye color, even sense of style, and thefact that we both like art. Hmpf...

Phenix Ryte writes:

Date Posted: 02:12:2007 Time Posted: 12:23AM

Yeah... do you know what I like about this? I didn't think so. Heh.

Arlem writes:

email Date Posted: 11:08:2007 Time Posted: 01:29AM

I cat stop loving that dragon.... where did u buy your scanner and what programes do you use for colouring??

Arlem writes:

email Date Posted: 11:08:2007 Time Posted: 01:28AM

wow this is sooo great.... You aren't giving us new comers any chance at all!! p.s. I got The art of drawing manga it's awesome.Just ur freindly neighbourhood upcoming manga artist!!

stacey writes:

email Date Posted: 06:05:2007 Time Posted: 01:40PM

i love your work i have just got the art of drawing manga book and im pickin it up quick. my dream is to be the best at manga so if you have any tips could you tell me thanks

Jess B writes:

email web site Date Posted: 04:03:2007 Time Posted: 08:33AM

he's so fine

Oscar VanDel writes:

email Date Posted: 15:02:2007 Time Posted: 06:37PM

Wow, this is really awesome. I can really relate to this character. I'm always drawing when I'm supposed to be doing something else..oh, and I hate math too.

punkrocker writes:

Date Posted: 30:10:2006 Time Posted: 10:20PM

I love dragons! Yet another thing I can't draw and you seem to caputre perfectly! Great!

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