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Title: O.M Characters
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Date: 01:06:2004
576 x 837 pixels
Materials: Pencil

These two characters were to be used as site mascots for Organic Metal. They look pretty cool and I like their designs so I may use them for something else at some point.


Riamu writes:

Date Posted: 05:02:2008 Time Posted: 02:13AM

in addition to my comment nearly two years ago... you fucking rule man! ur still an idol mate!

Cameron (Jirayiah's son) writes:

Date Posted: 15:08:2007 Time Posted: 12:29AM

the way her nipples are perky, she must be happy to see him.....
that looks like Noir almost

Ads writes:

email Date Posted: 06:02:2007 Time Posted: 03:53PM

utter brilliance, you rule

libtolu writes:

email Date Posted: 13:01:2007 Time Posted: 08:36PM

so cool i like the way u did the muscles, heh and i got ur book very good, have u got a da account? if not u shud get one.

D writes:

email Date Posted: 20:11:2006 Time Posted: 10:34PM

Really good... like the girl a lot and the flames are a nice touch! Is he a war-mage!?

punkrocker writes:

email Date Posted: 31:10:2006 Time Posted: 02:44AM

Awesome I like the clothing and the flame is cool. The scar's a nice touch too.

Riamu (liam) writes:

email Date Posted: 19:09:2006 Time Posted: 03:15AM

wow ben, this is great. ive been reading your book and viewing your pictures, trying to get some ideas to try and improve my art, the only thing is, i cant use photoshop. Anyway I really like the guy with the flame. And the scar, love the scar

Lena writes:

email Date Posted: 14:04:2006 Time Posted: 07:26PM

I think it's really good. And I want her boots.

Wariena writes:

Date Posted: 01:03:2006 Time Posted: 04:49PM

You've draw a lovely lady and I am full of admiration for the bloke- very nice work.

Deimos writes:

Date Posted: 02:12:2005 Time Posted: 07:20PM

This picture looks all the way very good. More like this.

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