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Title: Cyber Nurse
Image Size:
Date: 01:11:2003
621 x 872 pixels
Materials: Pencil

This sexy cyborg nurse is waiting in the Hospital basement control room. This is the 3rd draft and is now ready for colouring. However, Iíll probably leave it as it is since I received a lot of critisisms about the image. Perhaps I was trying to be too ambitious?


Tom writes:

email Date Posted: 19:05:2009 Time Posted: 10:06PM

ignore any criticism-the pic is fab-especcially the background

black shadow writes:

Date Posted: 10:12:2008 Time Posted: 07:14PM

you need some color and less of a background a woods background is better

Burach writes:

email Date Posted: 10:03:2008 Time Posted: 08:38PM

Wow, the background is just amazing and as Tammy McVampy said How did you cope? The girls alright not as nice as nikki though . And a big well done to you and all the amazing work you have done! Keep on drawing.

Cameron writes:

Date Posted: 12:08:2007 Time Posted: 06:04AM

dont put her in a room full of machinary, in my opinion if you want to draw more attention to the girl, draw her with a plain background and color her, or put her in a bedroom, with under wire on..... XD

chris writes:

Date Posted: 20:03:2007 Time Posted: 02:09AM

that bitch is damn sexy if i could id shag her to hell evil

punkrocker writes:

email Date Posted: 31:10:2006 Time Posted: 02:40AM

I don't see anything WRONG with this pic. But don't let the negative comments get ya down, you're an awesome artist! Nice work

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 22:10:2006 Time Posted: 12:16AM


Tammy McVampy writes:

email web site Date Posted: 11:10:2006 Time Posted: 06:25PM

Nice one! im still having fits about the AMAZING background! WOAH! how did you cope?? So, im a girly wirly so I dont find this nurse in the least bit sexy, but I CAN see why you have all the guys on here breaking their not-needed limbs to get to this nurse Mooohahaaaa. yea sure, colour it... if you have the patience!

Gimp writes:

email Date Posted: 02:06:2006 Time Posted: 08:29PM

hey ben its acctually a well kool pic and 2 be honest i dont really think it needs any colour becouse without the colour it looks alot more detailed and the picture itself draws your attention to the background mainly...wow most of the dudez on ere are mainly talkin bout the bird half naked in the chair! bunch of perverts!.....ADD ME!

dude writes:

Date Posted: 16:05:2006 Time Posted: 03:56PM

what the hell yeah okay she is hot but she isnt real plus she probably wouldnt look at any of us twiceif she was real!! btw it needs colour i cant distinguish some of the items in the background.

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