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Title: Ulala
Image Size:
Date: 12:03:2002
639 x 868 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop 5.5

Fanart from the game Space Channel 5 on Dreamcast. Drawn for the MVGC event. After finishing the colours I was happy with how it turned out I hadn't CGed with the airbrush tool for ages and although I had problems to start with, I managed to pull it together after some practice. On the subject of time, it must have taken a lot! A day to draw and 3 days on the CG, not to mention several days worrying about the pose to draw, style to draw it in, the fact I redid the skin tone 3 times and PhotoShop crashed once! Last time I try working with 100MB files. I tried a few new techniques such as the shiny pvc clothes. I think it works, but regret not using reference.. I'll never learn. And I'm not sure if the fact her hair looking edible is a good thing or not! Overall, despite several regrettable flaws I like it, and hope you do too


Line art : Pencil


JuneB writes:

email Date Posted: 12:01:2010 Time Posted: 08:59PM

this is beautiful! i love all the color you use.

black shadow writes:

Date Posted: 10:12:2008 Time Posted: 03:38PM

good pic but to much orange the boots should be black and whats with the microphone

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 20:10:2006 Time Posted: 10:45AM

???? WOW! I'm going to be cool about this. its nice,but I it needs
a little more less orange,And more Black.

Krazy Guy writes:

email Date Posted: 11:10:2006 Time Posted: 08:38AM

That is a really kool picture. I was trying to find other ones like it, but alas, I can not...

Clarissa writes:

email Date Posted: 25:07:2006 Time Posted: 07:05PM

htis is my fav game and if anyone want 2 talk e-mail me ya heard!!!!

manga chick writes:

email Date Posted: 14:07:2006 Time Posted: 09:06PM

...when she want's...

manga chick writes:

email Date Posted: 14:07:2006 Time Posted: 09:06PM

she's hot...
which i've her body...
it's a very CHICK drawing...
it's just looking like my girlfriend...

Lena writes:

email Date Posted: 14:04:2006 Time Posted: 07:47PM

I want that outfit.

sexy poo writes:

email Date Posted: 07:09:2005 Time Posted: 02:56PM

she turns me on

The Insane Reader writes:

email web site Date Posted: 08:08:2005 Time Posted: 08:44PM

How am I supposed to tell that that was a microphone, Kaira Mizuya? It's futuristic, for goodness sake. It could be anything. And why would a microphone be attached to her leg, of all places?

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