Lou-Lou/Koops: "Sorry if you are bothered by crits, but you did put your artwork on the internet, visible to everyone, so what do you expect? - I'm not bothered by constructive criticism in the slightest, but A- it's a bit redundant to criticise artwork created well over 6 years ago- obviously I've learned a thing or two since then! B You're pretty much just slagging off my work- ever heard of the word 'tact'?! C You obviously didn't read the artwork disclaimer- "By viewing this site, you agree to be view all artwork with an open mind and an acceptance for other's styles, opinions, preferences and beliefs." Maybe I like super huge, unnatural looking tits along with thousands of other artists on the web? It's my art, my site and my life- I can like/ do what I want. You don't have to like it, but you don't have to preach to me how my work can supposedly "demoralize women" - what total bullshit! If my work does offend, I apologize, but grow up! I love and respect all living things- especially women- most of which wouldn't be insecure and feel threatened enough by my or anyone else's artwork to post such a comment. Perhaps you meant well, but I'm gonna keep drawing what I love 'coz it makes me happy and negative posts like yours aren't helpful to me- they just piss me off*




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