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After watching an episode of Digimon I saw Tokomon and though it would be cool (and easy) to draw. This tokomon is evil btw! I wanted something to submit to the digimon fanart section at a site called 'BoneShop' as well so this was a good little excuse!
-Date completed: May 5th '00. Materials used: P, I, PS 5.5 (Pencil, ink, photoshop 5.5!)



Just a little picture of a miserable looking Motimon from Digimon. I did a rush job with the coloring, but it was on purpose to see if I could get it done in a short time. I sent this one to various Digimon fansites too. Two things about the picture - firstly I spelled his name "Mitomon" in the BG and second, I have my old web site's URL in the pic.
-Date completed: Jun 12th '00. Materials used: Pencil, ink, photoshop 5.5!

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