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Jen Holiday

The coolest thing about this one is the fact it simply rocks! Definetly one of my best works and I can't figure out why every single picture I produce doesn't look this slick. The character was drawn for a commission contest and based on a written description (see below). I'm sure I could have made it near the top, if is wasn't for the fact the organizer of the contest decided to pack up and quit without letting anyone know. I'm guessing the guy gathered up all our submissions then decided to make use of them without awarding the promised prizes. He sure made a lot of people angry since there was a lot of hype for this particular contest - everyone tried very hard and produced some great stuff from what I could see.
The original brief I worked from (admittedly I wasn't totally accurate as far as that went!):
The Character-
Her name is "Jennifer Holiday" with a deep, thoughful, but not mean, attitude... be sure to incorporate this into the have her, in a cave looking at herself in a puddle, or in a forest touching a tree ... you get the point.
Style- anime... i don't mind western influences or artsy stuff like that as long as you can clearly see the anime aspect, i don't care what style you use... except chibi... i want a real character pic.
Her features- she has long hair... about to the back of her elbows. her hair is pitch black with streaks of whatever color you think would work. She has Blue eyes (they should be intense and thoughtful) and should be about 5'11" and weigh about 115-120lbs. Her clothes should be futuristic. she's from the year 3000-ish so dress her accordingly. She is the gunner on a ship called the "Crimson Dawn" so a ship uniform will do also. Also she loves the gym so her body should be jawdropping.. don't skimp on the boobies.. Now we get into the Tricky stuff... Her forearms (from fingertips to elbow) are totally robotic/mechanic. she had her arms chopped off... (long story) anyway they look totally robotic so don't try to draw them like little buttons and doohickies on a normal looking arm.. i wanna see wires and plating and junk... kinda like the witchblade but robotic, also the metal used to make her arms is black... that's about all the specifications i have.
General stuff- Her attitude is thoughtful, not stupid. she's a fairly intelligent individual so don't draw her as some dumbass humming barney songs in a straight jacket with a big "L" on her forehead. Also small tatts are optional but a plus... nothing naughty, just like a rabbit, or butterfly or heart... something girly. Also the pic must be CG'ed, i don't care if someone else CG's it for you but the money will only be awarded to the penciller/inker... then he can send half to the CG artist.. or whatever you work out.
The contest was later judged by Gerbs san just for fun and I was awarded 3rd place ^_^

-Date completed: July 3 '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil, 01 - 05 DR Pilot drawing pens, CGed with PhotoShop 5.5

check out the pencil version
check out the inked version
Colour Samples 1 and 2
check out the altenative version

I won 3rd place! . I was awarded 'best color'

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