organic metal
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This was the first original CG I've done that actually looks good. I made good use of the popular comic book 'cuts' technique, which is something I can be weary of, but especially for cleaner line art I work with. I'm really pleased with this piece and think it looks cool. I entered this one for a cyberpunk contest at my local message board. I can't remember if I won or not, I think I came second? Well, I've still got a decent piece of work under my belt none the less ^_^ The character isn't anyone special, he's just supposed to look like a futuristic bad-ass punk! If you like this picture you can download a larger 800x600 version HERE.
-Date completed: Mar 25th '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil, rendered with PhotoShop 5.5

check out the pencil version
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