Ulala: March 02 (Pencil & PhotoShop)

Fan art from the game Space Channel 5 on the DC & PS2. Drawn for the MVGC event.

Character Info: During the 25th century, the planet earth is in a state of crisis. An Alien race called Morolians have launched and invasion against earth and are using their mysterious brain washing rays guns to force people to dance! The TV station "SC5" has sent their news reporter Ulala on the scene to grab the scoop. As it turns out, it'll also be her mission to put an end to these crazy goings on. Ulala's 22 years old and has been working for SC5 for 2 years now. The capture of the other reporters covering the invasion has seen her promoted to the investigative reporting team. This is a big chance to prove her reporting skills to the world.