Tennis Stars Pete Chan: January 02 (Ink & Photoshop)

One of 6 character designs. Each character had a normal, winning and losing pose.

Character Info: A very skilful player spending as much time as he can training. Although he's only participated in a handful of public tournaments, he has been working on his game in private and is now ready to show the world what a life time of training can do! Pete has a brother, who's also a very skilled player and they practice together regularly. Pete's a very calm and unemotional player and looks as though he's constantly in deep concentration.

Physical: He wears a baseball cap back to front, which has 3 thin, vertical bangs of hair coming out of the front gap. The longest and largest of these bends in the middle (similar to Cammy from Street Fighter for example). His eye's are 'Brock-like' slits rather than full open anime style. Wears a polo neck short sleeve shirt, top button undone. Has large vertical stripes under each arm, which can also be seem from a full front and back view. Also, a single, thinner stripe along the shoulders. Has sweat bands on both wrists. Wears shorter shorts. They also have a single vertical stripe down the left and right sides. Tighter socks, his trainers are the only ones with out a lip at the front.