Tennis Stars Danny B: January 02 (Ink & Photoshop)

One of 6 character designs. Each character had a normal, winning and losing pose.

Character Info: His youth was spent hanging out with a street gang consisting of Graffiti artists and rap star wanna-be's. He later moved to a new area and the only thing to do was play tennis in the local courts, he soon found not only was he good at it, but enjoyed it too. After years of practice, he's become a top pro. He's a nice guy, knows how to handle himself in any situation and has many female fans! He plans on taking early retirement so he can relax at home and spend time with his girlfriend. He believes having
a lot of power behind his hits will be his biggest advantage.

Physical: He's the back guy and has a big afro and he's got a slight 70s disco look going on. His eyebrows are thicker and he wears shaded goggle/glasses over his eyes.
He wears a Adidas style tracksuit jacket with two thin horizontal stripes along the shoulders. The sleeves of the jacket are rolled up around his elbows.
Underneath his jacket he wears a plain vest. He wears a necklace similar to Becky's but with the initial 'D' instead of a heart. The letter is a few centimetres thick. Wears shorts like Pete's with the two Adidas style stripes, this time running vertically down the side. Has sweat bands on both wrists. Socks are slightly baggy, his trainers are like the other's but with thinner laces.