Tennis Stars Irvina: January 02 (Ink & Photoshop)

One of 6 character designs. Each character had a normal, winning and losing pose.

Character Info: World class player who quickly worked her way to the top. She's a confident and sometimes reckless player, but she finds her risk taking usually pays off the win her the games. She's Sweden's number 1 and enjoys her celebrity status and if she wasn't playing tennis on a professional level she's like to be a movie star or fashion model- doing something glamorous, which makes use of her good looks. She's a shopaholic when it comes to fashion, clothes and accessories and enjoys customising her tennis outfit to reflect this. Irvina is generally a nice fairly person but often acts stuck up and bitchy and arrogant, especially during tournaments. Maybe due to her coming from a broken home and having to fend for herself as a child.

Physical: A little sinister looking, but attractive. She's a 'slutty' kinda sexy rather than 'cute' sexy and has big breasts. Wears a head band, with a circular buckle in the middle. The band also has two small decorative dots on either side, above her eyes. Her hair is tied back in a pony-tail, with two centre bangs, untied and hanging over her head band/face. One straight hair bang by each ear, ending below her chin and curling up at the ends. She's goes heavy on the eye and lip make-up, also 2 large hoop ear rings. She wears a neck band- also with another smaller circular buckle in the middle (part of her outfit theme) She wears a full tennis dress (sleeveless), but very short with a slit at the side so she can part her legs more than 2 inches. Wears thin, tight, fingerless gloves on her arms which end above the elbow
and over that she wears sweat bands on both wrists. Buckle theme is also at the end of these gloves. She has long above the knee socks/stockings with buckle theme at the sides. And wears trainers, but with 1 buckle the same size as the head band one and one larger kinda lace or strap beneath. Her
trainers are platforms.