Noir (Player 1): June 02 (Pencil & Photoshop)

Entry for the fighting game character contest at the 3D Total forum.

Character Info: Years ago Noir travelled to the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. He was to meet with a young lady called Sayre in hopes of them combining their alchemy and sorcery knowledge to create a spell, which would to make Kilauea spew gold next time it erupted! Years of research and experimentation went by and Noir and Sayre fell in love. On the day before their marriage they finally cracked it! They both climbed the volcano peak and poured in the potion. Sayre began to chant in order for the spell to work. Something’s happening! This is it, the volcano would erupt gold within the hour.
They climbed back down, but before they were out of harms way the volcano erupted early, and no gold was to be seen! The ash and rock spewed out and coved them both in an instant.
Noir opens his eyes to find himself back on the land. How did he get here? His love Sayre is nowhere in sight, but Noir knows in his heart she is still alive, somewhere...
Hundreds of years had past while Noir and Sayre were buried. It seems the side effect of the potion and spell had kept Noir alive in a cryogenic-like state, and something else. Noir found he had the ability to control rock and stone! The essence and life force within the rock which covered him had fused into his body and mind.
Noir now searches the globe for Sayre, eliminating anyone how tries to stop him with a little help from his new abilities


Noir (Player 2): June 02 (Pencil & Photoshop)

This Noir's Player 2 Alter ego!


Noir's Super move #1: Sticks and Stones: June 02 (Ink & Photoshop)

Another part of the contest was to give your character a special move.