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Akira: Tetsuo WP

My intention was to create an Akira wallpaper for BlueBlade AKIRA using original cel artwork and layers of 'square netting' on top and as BG but realised it wasn't really going to work to full effect. The trouble was, the character image of Tetsuo was scanned in from a trading card and having it enlarged to 800x600 for example and keeping the same quality as the 3x2 inch card was impossible, even after spending time using different effects etc to cover up quality loss (notice the clumpped speckles on his face and slightly blurred lines). The only way I can think of would be for me to re-draw the outline on A4, scan that in, then colour it myself, but hadn't time for that. In the end I still produced this smaller version, which doesn't look too bad, and obviously the smaller I make the image size, the better it looks.
-Date completed: Sep 5th '01. Materials used: PhotoShop 5.5

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