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'Mitsurugi, the lone samurai'

My first submission to my new MVGC event and not my last. I was starting to get worried that I was only going to get 2 people submit Mitsu fanart to the event, so I drew my own rendition to add to the two entries I had and managed to persuade my brother to enter too.. The final turn out was about 8 entries in the end, which wasn't too bad at all since it was it's first month. Though I have a feeling as soon as new projects start heading my way, I'll have to devote my time to those instead! As for the picture, I like it and colouring, but I can now see many faults, especially on the right side of the picture. I hope one day I'll be able to pick up a really cool and faultless drawing style.
-Date completed: Jan '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil, and coloured with PhotoShop 5.5

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