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ryu and akuma

Evil Ryu and Akuma

Pencils (Ryu)= Tong. Pencils (Akuma) & Inks= WebYoSan. It had been a while since I rendered anyone else's stuff, but after checking out WebYoSan's recent Street Fighter fanart with cool design and well inked lines, I decided to pull something off. I was originally going to go for the normal Ryu, but decided his evil persona should be rendered instead- he looks and plays better than the original anyway :p I tried another new technique with this one by making us of the Multiply and Screen airbrush options. I think it can speed up the amount of time you spend on a picture, since you don't need to keep picking other tones, but it looks a lot more messy.. I tried to overcome this messiness by later adding normal airbrush on top to smooth things over. In the end, the CG still took hours! It looks good now though! When approaching a CGing task, it's always daunting and I don't like to start them, 'cos I never know if it'll turn out well, but after I get stuck in and take my time, I usually manage to retain my good track record. However, there has been times where I've started a CG or artwork and I just cant do it! I wonder if it's because what I'm doing is too hard for me, or if I'm just not in the right frame of mind. Luckily with colouring, if the line art is good, it inspires me to produce something good. For more of WebYoSan's work, check out his web site - Definitely worth a look if you're a keen Fist of the North Star fan :)
-Date completed: Nov 11th '01. Materials used: PhotoShop 5.5

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