Training! Yuna-chan braves the elements!!

Comments: Those who have encountered my submissions before know that I like drawing a scenario. For Yuna, it was a no-brainer - she's training to destroy the game's Ultimate Bad Guy (ok, I forgot its name) and in all the images I got from the internet she's always near water... therefore, draw her in the "traditional" water training of heroes used in almost every anime - sit under a raging waterfall! A challenge for me since this will be the first
time I'm attempting a "wet" image.

It took half a day to think up of the pose and draw it (HB pencil on A4 bond paper, inked with a .5 tech pen). Once it was scanned, coloring was done using PhotoShop 5 in a span of two days - first Yuna was block colored (basic colors), then the background waterfall and splashes were hand-rendered, afterwards Yuna was colored in pseudo cel-shading style (I can't seem to not add additional shading) and the water droplet details
again hand-rendered.

One last thing... Starting with this submission, I'll be making all my titles sound like those cheesy titles found in any anime
- Force Vector

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