January 2002

yunaThis month's character is Yuna from the never ending Final Fantasy series- FF10 in particular.

History: Yuna is one of the main characters of the game, a staff-wielding girl who is daughter to a famous (dead) Summoner, Baraska. Yuna's not quite a summoner, though. But she dreams of someday being able to call a huge monster to do her bidding. But don't we all? She's a determined girl, as she wants to travel all over the world and aquire Aeons (summoned monsters). This determination wins her the respect and love of others. Also, if you look at the pictures, you'll notice that Yuna has one blue eye and one green eye. Is she some kind of stray? We'll see....

Such a high quality this month!, As to the technical badges, they might be debatable- Artus deserves something for 15 hours of work and Bookie for getting her entry done so quickly! They really were ALL wicked and we're curious to see what next month brings :)

Artist of the month: Force Vector !

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