Kids Ryo 2

Comments: How do you create an original drawing of a character that is in such a realistic video game as Shenmue? Simple. You don't. You take the character, and mold it into something that is more than just the character designs you might find in the player's guide, or on the game's packaging itself. So for this drawing, I drew Ryo alright.

But instead of drawing the Ryo Hazuki that the person playing gets to host, I drew a FAKE version of him, as he might appear in the game as a toy capsule toy. Of course, when you'd actually look at a toy item in Shenmue, you would see a highly detailed version of it. Yet, I honestly doubt that you would be able to get such a deal for 100 Yen. That is why the picture isn't exactly highly detailed, or anything fun like that.

- Insignificant Entity


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