Reiko Nagase February 2003

homepage emailReiko Femme Fatale! by Teejay

Comments: Well I come to OM very often and check out the submissions each month, but never really submitted myself because I never considered myself good enough!>_< But this month I just thought - ah what the heck!^^

Anyway, erm...this took me about 2 hours to do...just couldn't figure out the best way to colour it. In the end, something seems to be slightly off or missing or something...I'm not exactly sure what it is...but I'm pretty happy with it. Anyway, yeah. Thanks.^^

emailhomepage Reiko Nagase by Mishary Riad

Comments: ...

emailhomepage danzreiko by Dan Mendoza

Comments: Hello every one. This is my 1st submission. I like the coloring but the neck, to me looks a little long and the head, a little big. But she was fun to draw.

emailhomepage "Sharp and simple Reiko" by Akio Segawa

Comments: Just found this great site and had to submit. For this piece I tried to follow the rules of "KISS" or "keep it simple stupid". The sporty car is vector line art in Flash. Reiko is a vectorized sketch. The final composite was rendered in Photoshop. I think I acomplished everything I set out to do with this one, although the next time I do a flag like this, I'll spend much more time creating a better 3D effect.

emailhomepage Reiko Nagase by Mark

Comments: Done completely in No. 2 pencil, and took about 1 hour to complete

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability G-force pt2(ain'tnogravityherefolks!) by Y.M. Esposito

Comments: It seems that everything was working against me for this month's submission. First, the pen that came with my tablet broke, so I had to send it away(and I only had it for a month!) then Devil May Cry2 came out (hmmm...Dante <drool>...erm...yeah...) Also,I had to look for a job (which is alot harder than I anticipated). So, its uncolored, unfinshed...oh well. C'est la vie, mes amis. And thanks to Benny Moto for the words...CUSTOMIZE!

emailhomepage Angel Reiko by Ten "10"

Comments: this is my 1rst submission here. i was thumbing through anime art stuff and up came this site and i was familiar with a few characters. even though i dont play to many video games i knew most of them. so i decided, even though i have never playes the ridge racer series, i would participate this month. i made it a day before the deadline. i drew it with ball point then scanned it and just filled it with color. i dont do fancy art stuff like fading or blending, i just use the fill tool ^_^. i drew her as an angel, like it? e-mail me if you do.
"10" (Ten)
aka alyssa long

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Reiko after work by G.i.A.m.

Comments: Found it weird that Pac-man was noted as a hobby (bet it was a marketing tactic). But I cant resist Pac-man.
need to improve on my backround drawing ability.

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability No title by Sean Mcwilliams

Comments: No comments

emailhomepage Reiko by El P.I.G.

Comments: Reiko is a tease, you know she wants it.

emailhomepage Regular participant Murci Murci by Sylence

Comments: sketched and drawn with regular ink pen. colored with photoshop.


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