Rei May 2001

emailhomepageRei Daydreaming by Niki Foley

Comments: Rei, daydreaming in the grass. This pic was oh-so-fun to draw and i hope you enjoy! (sketched with a good ol' Bic mechanical pencil, scanned, and colored in PainterClassic with my Wacom tablet. whee!)

emailhomepageCut 'em up by Kou Thao

Comments: Hey now. This piece was done in about 45 mins or so. I'm just estimating here, but I think that's pretty close. Anyway, I was trying some poses and decided on this one. Hope all likes it. It's just a pencil but I can't color... so there. :) Gokou

emailhomepageRei by Rob Reilly

Comments: Photoshop 5.5. and Inks | No comments really, just felt like drawing somethin different today.

emailhomepageRei by Kurokko

Comments: I would've added a backround but lack of motivation and creativity got the best of me .... GOD MADE DIRT AND DIRT BUST YO ASS!!!

emailhomepageFlittery Nina by Jen Payne

Comments: I decided to show all you great artists out there the lower end of the spectrum - my way of making your art look better :P. i know zip about cg-ing, so i didn't even try it. not that i had the software. but this is just a pencil sketch of Rei in the middle of some field or other, and i was trying to make it look like Nina was flitting all around him. This is my first submission to this site, or any, really. but i've looked in on this place quite often. This looks like it could've been a younger, less serious version of the character..... comments of any kind are welcome :)

emailhomepageWild Spirit by Sylence

Comments: I gave up on color this month. That's how I missed last month's deadline. As in all of my artwork, I used a mechanical pencil and a little Photoshop magic. Enjoy!

emailhomepage "Bring It On!" by K Kirk

Comments: Rei, in a fighting stance and ready to kick booty. This picture was drawn and inked on paper, then colored with PSP 6.0. I decided to try something new and put a background on this one, which I don't usually do. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. Rowr!

">emailhomepageDoesn't this just beat all?.. by Ben Krefta

Comments: Unfinished, and not my best work, but I've always wanted to have a go drawing at Rei. It's just a shame I didn't put a little more effort into this. Hopefully I'll finish the CGed version of him as soon as I find some inspiration as well as time.

emailhomepageEver Onward by Jinx AKA Monte Cristo

Comments: Well, Bomb is always complaining that I don't do action shots, so I hope this will keep him quiet for a while :) The technique is all fairly self explanatory really, just a load of photoshop on a lot of layers, and if this one's not good enough, then I'll snap a kittens neck!

emailhomepageRei by AIR SHIIMA

Comments: First time submitting...I'd like this monthly to thrive so I figured I'd help out and enter. Its Rei...and thats about it. I forgot his tail!!! Oh, well...

emailhomepage Let's go BOWLING!! by Devin O'Brien

Comments: Yeah, BOFIII was awesome and Rei just rocked, so I saw him for this month and just started drawing. I had no idea this would come out like it did though. I had a toatlly different image in my mind. I spent about a few days sketching different poses, and a special thanks to Niki. But hay, I've never seen Rei want to go bowling so, eh. I like it and I hope you do too.


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