Comments: I have'nt done any real artwork in a long time. That being said, please excuse the sloppy execution of this piece. Life catches up with you, you know -_-''. Anyway, she was a really fun character to draw, and I've never played the game, Dino Crisis, before. I added some errata to spice her character up a bit. I hope it doesn't look too much like an attempt at adding meaningless detail. I worked in a few new Photoshop tricks this time, including the liquify tool if you notice in the spotty, mottled background. It sorta looks like the pattern that might be seen on some prehistoric beast. Now more than ever I see the need for a PRINTED font library as it took far too long to find the font I used for Regina's name. (I'm sure I have a better one someplace *shuffle ..shuffle*) Anyhoo, it was fun and I look forward to submitting more in the future! Thank you everyone!

- Wil


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