The Dirty Pair

Comments: Dino: Mmm. Ham.. no four hams! Im in lizard heaven! Oh, crap.. four guns too.. (insert Dr Zoidberg or Homer Simpson voice in your head for comical effect!;)
Lara: Pardon me, Regina, that dual Hong Kong style is MY thing you know..
Regina: Well you dyed your hair red like.. so like.. give!

OK, So it was Reginas day.. but I just could not brace meself from doing yet another Lara Croft tribute.. (get a new girlfriend warning) But at least tere is good reason here for it, Since Lara too have been involved in both time travel and dino hunting. In the background a "timetravelishstandard" electrical storm bringing in the dinosaurs from the past.

Whaa.. ^O^ Im back (still not in style though) with a new computer after lightning struck here over a month ago killing off my poor P3 700 768 Dell.. After fierce fighting with insurance companies I left the battle with a (homebuilt chassis to save £) P4 2.4 800HT 512 system.. so no need coplaining I guess. Thanks to this upgrade I colorized/painted the image in under 6 hours from the usual 10. :) Still doing most in Paintshop 7. Ill make a photoreport on the making of the PC system soon.

- Andréas


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