Pac-man May 2003

homepage emailPacman by Andrew Palfenier

Comments: Sorry it's late I've had finals..... There's not much to say about it really it's pacman but more of a classic style instead of his Snes appearance (Pac in Time) i.e. he don't have legs and arms.
I did this with an ordinary piece of paper and an ordinary .7 mechanical pencil. I'll probably color it later but not for this contest.
Thanks all! This site is really cool! I'm gonna keep submitting and again SORRY IT'S LATE!!! -_-

emailhomepage Regular participant pac men UNITE! by Zack Kotzer *zee kay*

Comments: Scary isnt it... how many re-encarnations our little yellow dot went through and where he is now. So take this as a blast from the disturbing 24-8 bit past, or if you've never seen some of these forms take it as educational.....this is the disturbing type of education like war history.

emailhomepage Regular participant This Is Why Pac-Man Was Pixelated by Insignificant Entity

Comments: Strange things happen to games that were once in 2D, and then find their way into a 3D world. Some of those games are really quite good, even if they may still use the same "aged" engine. Some don't even turn out as well as the original..

emailhomepage WRONG GAME by Stephen

Comments: Sorry about the quality of the work i am only 16 and have only basic equipment a pen and a pencil it may be a bit wobbily as i have no image editing software.
SORRY AGAIN about the quality.
please feel free to leave any comments about this piece or any future pieces u may like to see at my email account.

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Regular participant "The Shriek" by Glarryg

Comments: Firstly, apologies to Edvard Munch. There was no other conceivable way to convey the horrible feeling of desperation that must overtake a Ghost Monster every time Pac-Man finds a Power Pellet; this seemed to be the only outlet. As far as technical stuff, I drew the basic outline on paper, scanned it, and painted it in Photoshop to try and capture the blunt, haphazard style of the original painting. This is the first time dithering from file conversion has helped achieve the effect I wanted.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability bripacmanlo.jpg or "PACMAN!" by Brianne Drouhard

Comments: This was created with Tria markers. I was listening to the "A Beautiful Mind" soundtrack, so I was feeling very epic. Does anyone remember the Pacman cartoon show? There was an episode wear Pacman ate chocolate covered pellets and turned into Were-pacman... maybe I should have drawn that. Fond memories of the eighties.....>:E.

emailhomepage "Say your prayers.." by Jakob "ichigo" Eklund

Comments: When I thought of it, I just had to do it ^^

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Pacman the Movie by G.i.A.m.

Comments: Puh took quite some time to come up with the Idea but I did it :).
I think that is my first submission for MVGC, that was done completly on the computer (gotta love PSP8b).
Was actually fun todo once the wall where finished ;).

oh and I know the matrix reference is a bit cheesy

emailhomepage Good Bye Mr. Pac-man. My name is Neo! by Erock

Comments: Ok, I drew it in Painter on my brand new Wacom tablet, oh yea, used some Photo Shop and the small pacman was made in Flash MX. I don't really know the proper way to draw those really good pics so if any one can give me some tips on inking or coloring I would be very happy, I'm just a beginner. You can mail me at thanx.

">emailhomepage Regular participant Pac-man's Kool! by Ben "Bomu" Krefta

Comments: First played it about 15 years ago on the Atari ST and more recently on the Neo-Geo Pocket. Used to and still love the music! ^o^ I knew I didn't have much time to contribute something worthy this month but thought I'd take a stab at some sort of quick graphicly asthetic piece. Wasn't really worth bothing with! lol, but it at least it reminded me how outta practice I am at Photoshop graphic designs. Unfortuanetly non-artwork issues have been eatting up more of my time than Pac-man eats yellow dots but maybe if I got back into the swing of things I could start to enjoy creating "proper" artworks again.


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