Megaman September 2001

emailhomepageMegaman by Alex D-

Comments: I did this really fast, the drawing was made on a bus. Then I went home and add some digital paint on it!!Yeahh!! i think that maybe I drink some beers with šel Capitanš in the middle of that story!

emailhomepageJust a day in a diggers job by -LK-

Comments: Well first off I dared to be different and used Megaman from the Megaman Legends game... which still is megaman, but I like his costume design a lot more. Anyway... the pic is mostly after Megamans digging job is done... and all the destroyed reverbots are left in a piled heap on the floor... and off walks our hero with the prize of the day ;D

emailhomepageMegaMan! by JesterSpawn

Comments: I was thrilled when I saw that MegaMan/RockMan was the topic this time!... Until I got caught up in school and stuff and totally forgot about the MVGC until 3 days before deadline. Anyway, I drew the picture, scanned it, and colored it in Photoshop in one day. I don't know if MegaMan ever rode a snowboard in any of the later games (he didn't in the ones I played), but I just felt like drawing him on one anyway. So there.

emailhomepageX5 by Eri Gaudiamo

Comments: I use Photoshop to create this pic, I work quite slow so it took me almost 12 hours to finish this one. This technique I used was inspired by covers of magazines,comics and trading cards where the artists created 3D-like objects using 2D medium, The result isn't perfect but I'm quite satisfied. I'm not good drawing details and backgrounds so I scaned some pics and combine them using photoshop.

emailhomepagebyte size... by tony wood

Comments: ahh..this took me a couple of hours..first i drew it with a pencil (shock!) and then used a fineliner for the outline...finally i scanned it and coloured it in photoshop 5. i've been using photshop for a little less than a month i guess.


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