Jet Set Radio Crew  December 2001

emailhomepageLove Shockers by Patrick Shettlesworth

Comments: I did this one a while back.

emailhomepageGraffiti Mania by Rik-U-O

Comments: This is my first submission here, but anyway, Jet Grind (Set) Radio has to be one of my favorite games, so I decided to make what seems like a giant graffiti that the whole cast of good guys made. I like all the characters, but Beat. That's why I only drew his headphones things. I just simply used markers and pencils to draw this. It took about two hours, and it is a little sloppy, but nobody's perfect. I also need to scan, cut, and paste a lot, but I had nothing better to do. If I had a special painting program, I would have made a neat background, but I don't so I didn't.

emailhomepage Gum by Faline

Comments: Done in microsoft paint (yeah, it's not the most technologicly advanced, but it works) Did't really know much 'bout the character since I've never played the game, but I've been wanting to submit something lately... so enjoy! :)

emailhomepage Cube by Miguel Sternberg

Comments: Cube wearing her outfit from the Japanese version of the game. Penciled, inked and then coloured on the computer in Photoshop. I tried my best to capture the cell shaded look of the game with big thick lined inking. The blury background is a photo I took of some graffiti heavily motion blured.

">emailhomepage Combo! by Ben 'Bomu' Krefta

Comments: Here's a little quickly I whipped up, since JSR is one of the best DC games I've played. I think it must have taken two- two and a half hours to CG, and about the same time again to pencil which is quick for me.. but then again, it's a fairly simply drawing. Once again I was too lazy to ink one of my pics, but not most people don't notice after I monkey about with the gamma levels in PhotoShop. I had some trouble with the fingers- like I'm sure a lot of people do when drawing people holding spray cans, but I fixed it up best I could and I think it's looking pretty good now. Maybe I'll have the time to draw more JSR fanart in the future ^_^

emailhomepage Cube - UK/US Version by Philip Shek

Comments: The design for Cube in the UK/US version is different from the Japanese version. I wonder why that is? I personally prefer Cube\'s more \"rock-chick\" look for the Japanese version.

emailhomepage beat by yesh

Comments: ...

emailhomepage tab from jet set radio by victor gomez and gibbons nguyen

Comments: Don't have really much to say except for fans to enjoy.

emailhomepage Gum's Patriotic Tag by JesterSpawn

Comments: I very nearly forgot about this month's topic, so I had to whip this one up pretty quickly. I decided to draw Gum making a nice, big tag on a wall. I need to get myself a Dreamcast just to own this game...


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