hyo and kyosuke


Comments: Hmm.. Both of them turned out lefthanded ..maybe its couse I read too many westernized mangas. - ^_^? Anyways, a simple enough inkdrawing I tuned a bit in PS7. the drawing itself only took 2-3 hour or so, the real hard part was geting the composition of the Japanese (old/new mixed style) flag/bloodspray work without making the overall image too messy. I made the part of it covering the brothers clothes darker and also added 3D shadows there. The original ink was huge (and a pain to scan, had to do it in 5 takes.. anyone know where to get an A3 scaner for less than the cost of a secondhand car let me know please. ;) 45x35cm and so in this here smaller size a lot of the detail in it is lost, like the paterning on the blade f.e.Despite the small image the file had to be pretty big due to the red color, theres still a lot of .jpeg artifacts in it though (..sorry about that.) the hardest thing in the linework was the mouth of Kyosuke in the closeup, I think I redrawn that little line like 15 times to get that smug look of his just right. The original was sketched with 05 pencil plastic leds and then inked with brush and 03 marker as usuall. I have a Japanese imported version of this game, thats what was used for character reference. Ill have a bit larger and b/w cut on my site soon. Thanks for your attention.

- Andréas.


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