November 2003

Hyo and KyosukeThis month's a double wammy of fighting favourites: The 2 Rivial Schools (Shiritsu Justice Gakuen) brothers Hyo and Kyosuke!

Hyo Imawano: (white hair) Separated from his twin brother Kyosuke, Hyo was trained as a ninja under his father Mugen, but also brainwashed to continue his plan. Keeping the skills of his father, Hyo took over Justice High and used Raizo's plan to create super soldiers that would help him take over the world. Defeated by his brother, Hyo changed for the better and opposed the new threat of Kurow's Darkside Society. Possessed by his swords to become Demon Hyo, he asked his brother to kill him.

Kyosuke Kagami: (orange hair) He actually joined Batsu and Hinata to keep an eye on them for his twin brother Hyo, as he was the one who had kidnapped Batsu's mother. Seeing the fierce spirit of his comrades, Kyosuke realized that Hyo's way was wrong and eventually convinced even him. However, a year later Hyo was captured by Kurow and turned into a demon. After Hyo's death, Kyosuke disappeared without a trace.


Nice to see another turn out of fab entries this month. Y.M.E's submission particularly gave me a giggle.

Artist of the month: Y.M.Esposito!

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