Guybrush Sept 2003

homepage For displaying original or creative content emailThose Awkward Moments by Sir GreenSock

Comments: This is my first submission to MVGC, although hopefully not the last. I chose one of my favorite scenes from MI 1, and gave it a slight twist. I used Photoshop to colour over a rough sketch.

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability To Adventure and Glory!!! by Will Watkins

Comments: I've never played this game, but in my research, it looked SOOO interesting.. I may just pick it up. I love the character design. I got it from the new PS2 game. I ATTEMPTED a water reflection effect, but i dont think it was very successful T_T. I will try some more water themed pics to get better at this. If you ARE good at this and you know of a good tutorial, or have some suggestions, PLEASE email me!!!!

May the wind be at your backs.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability thumbs up! by space coyote

Comments: I've actually been meaning to do a nice picture of Guybrush for a long time, so I was glad to receive an e-mail from this site asking to submit something. Guybrush is the best!

emailhomepage Rage Against the Machine by Morphindel

Comments: i did this a while ago when i was starting to learn photoshop, but im still really pleased with the colouring of the Machine. ^_^

emailhomepage Regular participant Hey, hey, we're from Monkey Island! by Andréas

Comments: Haven't played a MI game since the days of the sweet Amiga, the strongest memory from it I had was "the real curse of MI" ..Don't say the M-word. ^O^` so I based the way too obvious joke on that alone.

OK.. Its just a sketch this time around, Me had a lot to do (waterchilled the new P4 PC I blabbed about last time, so now there be all nice and quiet when working, great! Just hope it won't start leaking or something.. ^_^ ) started it at day one of MVGC but never got around to ink or colour it ..still, its allright for a sketch I reckon.

emailhomepage Regular participant One of those days by Zee Kay

Comments: It took me long enough to decide what to do for this pic, nevermind this comment......... This comment is now finito!

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityFor displaying original or creative content Guybrush and Elaine by Ado Ceric

Comments: ...


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